Executive Coaching

GaaS leaders in accounting, law, marketing and capital placement will provide strategic advice and focus on improving performance by helping you develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors. Our relationship and inquiry based approach to professional development can maximize your individual performance. We assist in thinking through and addressing crucial areas of business development with the ultimate goals of enhancing performance and increasing productivity. Beneficial changes cannot happen in days weeks or even months, they’re a product of years of setting goals and creating a plan of action.


General Counsel Services

  • One of Gaas’s experienced corporate and transactional attorneys will serve as your own “General Counsel” through offering these services:
  • Assist clients in the formation and structuring of corporations and limited liability companies
  • Drafting and reviewing various business and commercial contracts
  • General advice across a wide range of general corporate issues, including maintenance of minutes and records, foreign qualification issues, board and shareholder meetings, and corporate governance issues.
  • Employment, independent contractor and separation agreements
  • Transaction strategy and generally advising clients as to the corporate law implications of their business transactions.


Deal Management

Debt and Equity events, strategic partnerships, growth acquisitions and eventual sales. Each are critical parts of your business cycle, and each full of potential land mines. From deal terms that unnecessarily limit your ultimate upside to inflated legal bills that divert needed growth capital, the leaders at GaaS can guide you though these potential hurdles and help you remain focused on what really matters…namely, the growth of your business.


Virtual CFO Services

Oversight of all financial transactions and planning though accurate reporting. Whether your business simply needs a Controller or help with strategic transactions, financial processes, business plans and budgeting our virtual CFO services are a value added service.


Buy-Side Advisory

Crafting a clear and specific but flexible acquisition and growth strategy is an integral part of any growing company. GaaS can assist in identification, valuation and due-diligence of potential M&A targets. We can walk you through securing traditional debt or institutional/private equity in order to complete a myriad of transactions.

Sell-Side Advisory

Most businesses in today’s marketplace don’t have a clear succession or exit strategy. GaaS can help create a viable path towards both outcomes. We provide legal, accounting and professional services that can help identify, valuate, negotiate and offer all transactional support to any divestiture or sale. We offer sell-side services that go beyond just a pitch-book and web listing by understanding your business and desired outcome.


Valuation Modeling

Because of our firms wide range of experience in multiple industries, we can accurately reach the value of your business.


We use the 4 pillars of Valuation analysis:

  • Comparable Company Analysis (Public Comps)
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF)
  • Precedent Transaction Analysis (M&A Comps)
  • Leverage Buyout/“Ability to Pay” Analysis (LBO)


Our firm stays current on market valuations and utilize the most recent methodologies to reach your companies true market value. 


Distressed Companies


If your company cannot meet or has problems meeting its financial obligations GAAS can help:

  • Evaluate and map a plan to move forward
  • Evaluate the possibilities of a sale or divestiture of the companies assets
  • Meet and discuss options with creditors to avoid the related costs normally incurred, such as high financing rates
  • Manage and control fixed costs without experiencing opportunity costs
  • Evaluate and determine whether bankruptcy protection is the optimal strategy moving forward