Growth as a Service

GaaS (Growth As A Service) was started as a way to assist companies that didn’t fit the traditional model, but needed Investment Bank-like services. Their vision was to give these Companies options for planning their future and realizing their growth potential. Their talents, experience and clarity of vision applied to today’s marketplace can take any company to the next level and give options that the Company never thought possible. Dramatic and frequent changes are sometimes necessary for any business and everyone needs a partner to help them though the fog of uncertainty that comes with it. Realizing “Growth As A Service” is partnering with Companies and Individuals who are ready to take the next step towards enduring change is what GAAS is all about.

Lyle Reynolds

Lyle’s experience comes from a diverse background of Broadcast Media Management and Ownership, Wireless Communication Management, Medical Pharmacy Staffing Ownership, Banking Services and Print and Media Sales. He has overseen the sale and acquisition of over 30 different companies in 5 different industries in his career. In 2017 Lyle sold and leased his broadcast Company to join GaaS full-time. Lyle is focused on creating solutions for his clients and helping navigate those clients through the complexities of a ever-changing marketplace.

Education: BS University of Alabama


  • Salesforce Construction & Management
  • Senior and Subordinate Debt Acquisition
  • Private Equity Acquisition & Development
  • Project Management & Oversight
  • Identifying Strategic Sale & Acquisition Targets
  • Negotiating, Structuring & Closing Transactions
  • Marketing Planning and Implementation
  • Vertical Real Estate Management
  • Distressed Consulting and Advisement