Growth As A Service

Is a collection of seasoned entrepreneurial and transactional leaders who provide executive coaching and consulting to select companies. As evidenced by the name, GaaS focuses on the strategic steps that CEOs must take to insure growth and value creation.


GaaS leaders in accounting, law, marketing and capital placement will provide strategic advice in how to think through and address these crucial areas of your business.


One of GaaS' experienced corporate and transactional attorneys will serve as your own ``general counsel.``


Debt and equity events, strategic partnerships, growth acquistions, eventual sales. Each are critical parts of your business cycle, and each are full of potential land mines.


Negotiate venture financing term sheets and transaction documents. Advise clients on financing strategy, business plan review, private placement memorandum and investor presentations. Represent companies, entrepreneurs and angel investors. Coordinate due diligence process and review. Negotiate merger & acquisition term sheets and transaction documents. Business disposition and dissolution.


Determining whether your Company is stable, solvent, liquid or profitable enough to warrant investment can help you to make the most important decisions that effect your Companies future. GAAS assist not only in the valuation of your company, but in the budgeting, growth projects and future credit sources. Our Financial Analysis can be integral to your companies long term growth.


Our ultimate goal is to bring your business the one element that every business needs, “Value”. GaaS approaches every client with the goal of added value through superior service.


GaaS acts as your company’s financial advisor to attain the necessary materials to raise debt or equity capital for growth opportunities which include: (i) an overview of the company’s operations (ii) competitive advantages, as well as, strengths and weaknesses of the company (iii) critical market drivers analysis, multi-year financial projections and fair market value analysis.

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